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about memory foam

What is Memory Foam?

Reacting to your body temperature, memory foam changes its shape to provide greater support and more comfort than any other mattress. It's man-made and is technically described as (are you ready for this?!) visco-elastic, temperature sensitive, slow recovery urethane foam. You'll understand why we prefer to call it memory foam! 

What does visco-elastic mean? 

Just calling memory foam 'a visco-elastic foam' might not leave you any the wiser, so think of memory foam like this: memory foam is both viscous AND elastic, it has both properties. You are probably familiar with the quality of elastic, you’ll know viscous too. Honey, for instance, is a viscous material. 

It’s the viscous property of memory foam, that honey-like property that resists your weight and it’s the elastic property that sees to it that your Dormeo Memory Foam Mattress returns to its original shape. 

The visco-elastic (or it can be all one word: viscoelastic) quality is temperature sensitive, which helps the mattress material respond to your body. This is one of the reasons an early adopter of memory foam mattresses was the medical profession, with memory foam being a particularly common fine in European hospitals.

Made from cotton, your Dormeo memory foam mattress is pleasant to touch and healthy to sleep on.

Here’s why: 



Fresh cotton cover

Dormeo memory foam mattresses come with a cotton cover with hypoallergenic, antibacterial (SANITIZED®*) and RESISTAT protection (carbon fibres).


Dormeo memory foam cotton


Environmentally sound – naturally!

Dormeo memory foam mattresses are made from ecologically sound, fully recyclable material.


Dormeo memory foam environment


Static electricity eliminated

Static electrical charges can have a negative effect on our mood, but Dormeo takes care of that. Just attach the earth wire to the metal button on your mattress and ground it to the closest grounded body, such as a radiator. In addition to eliminating static electricity, this also helps prevent dust mites and dust particles from developing. 

Dormeo memory foam static

Hypoallergenic and antibacterial 

The cotton cover of your Dormeo memory foam mattress is impregnated with SANITIZED®, which protects against dust mites, fungi and bacteria.

This makes Dormeo memory foam mattresses especially suitable for people with asthma or allergies. The layer below the mattress cover also contains hypoallergenic silicone wadding that provides additional protection against bacteria and allergens.

Dormeo memory foam natural

Just breathe! 

Dormeo memory foam mattresses are breathable because the unique cell structure of the mattress core allows for great ventilation. 

Dormeo memory foam breath      


Discover the joy of memory foam yourself! Explore Dormeo Memory Foam Mattresses now and remember that buying a Dormeo Mattress really is risk-free, thanks to the Dormeo 60 Night Money Back Guarantee too! 


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