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mattresses and back pain

Mattresses and back pain 


If you're one of the many Brits who suffer from back pain you're in good company.


Unfortunately no mattress can claim to cure your back pain completely, but what a good memory foam mattress will do is create the perfect conditions to allow you to get the very best sleep possible. And this can make all the difference. Making an investment in a memory foam mattress may feel like a big commitment, but it could have serious long and short term benefits to your health and well-being, as a result of the much improved deeper and longer sleep you will get.


The main benefit of a memory foam mattress over a traditional spring mattress is the comfort and support. It will relieve painful pressure points caused by metal springs digging into your body as you sleep. The heat from your body softens the foam at the appropriate points, helping to bring a constant level of support along the curves and contours of your body. No jarring springs, just the softest cradling support imaginable.


If you're of more advanced years you will want to limit movement in the night to minimise the amount of time you awake during the night, and memory foam will help you rest easily in one place.


You will also feel the movements of your partner less than with a coiled or pocket spring mattress, as there is almost no motion transfer with a memory foam mattress. Once again allowing you the deepest sleep imaginable.


Your mattress should be supportive enough to take the weight of your body without sagging, because having too rigid a back will mean that your body isn't relaxed as you sleep and can cause aches in your shoulders. While if the bed is too soft your spine will be slightly bent.

So to be sure you're making the right choice look carefully at our mattress comparison page.



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