Returns & Exchanges

Selected Dormeo mattresses have a 60 night trial period. Sleep on your new mattress for up to 60 nights in your own home and if you’re not completely satisfied you can return it to us for a full refund of your purchase price. If you have arranged a mattress exchange/upgrade you may still do this if it is within 60 days of the delivery date of your original mattress. Your first step in returning products is to call us free on 0800 224 8361, and we will happily assist you.

If you would like to return a mattress or mattress topper

1. Our customer service team is available for free Monday to Saturday 8am - 6pm on 0800 224 8361, to return your mattress please call us and our customer service representative will explain the returns process. Be sure to check if your mattress or topper is covered by our 60 night comfort guarantee!

2. For selected mattresses and all mattress toppers, customers are responsible for return shipping costs. However, for all mattresses featuring Octaspring technology, we will collect your mattress absolutely free! Simply arrange with our customer service team. Excludes Octasense, OctaSmart Essentials and Revitalise Mattress, check individual product Delivery & Returns information for details.

3. Customers can arrange their own shipping to return products or arrange a collection with our customer service team. Collections fees vary depending on the product being returned.

4. We will process refunds as soon as we receive the returned product, however refunds may be subject to processing times of the recipient's bank or payment provider.

If you would like to exchange a mattress or mattress topper

Call 0800 224 8361 to request mattress exchange. Our customer service representative will suggest the best alternative model and explain exchange process. Exchanges are also covered by our 60 night comfort guarantee on selected products.

Please note that Divan bases and headboards cannot be returned, unless they are damaged upon delivery and if there is a fault with the product. If there is a fault with the product we will send out an independent furniture technician in order to assess and advise on the next stage of the return process.

Returned products should be sent to:

Dormeo UK Ltd,
Impact House
Unit 7-9 Romsey Industrial Estate
Greatbridge Road 
Hampshire, SO51 0HR 

We offer a 14 day guarantee on all Dormeo Options mattresses, Dormeo bedding products (unless otherwise stipulated). Returns will only be accepted if the product is unopened and returned in its original packaging. If you require a product exchange/upgrade, we will not charge any additional delivery fee. If you return your product and are paying by instalments, we will cancel any future payments and refund any monies already received. Unfortunately we cannot exchange or refund products that have been damaged through misuse. Please note if you decide to upgrade your comfort guarantee does not get extended.

Manufactured to last

Dormeo products are manufactured to high quality standards and undergo stringent testing to ensure we deliver products. Our Quality Control team works tirelessly to maintain our quality standards and the manufacturing processes involved in making our products, which is why we are proud to offer warranties of up to 20 years on selected mattresses.

For further information about selected warranties, please view the following pages:

Dormeo Memory Mattress Range 15 Year Warranty

All Dormeo Memory range mattresses come with a 15 year limited warranty. We guarantee that we will replace or repair your Dormeo mattress if it is defective due to faulty workmanship or materials, subject to the limitations described in this warranty.

Please read the instructions carefully before using the product. Protect your valuable purchase, activate your mattress warranty online, so you can rest easy, knowing your precious purchase is covered.

Product use and care instructions:

1. Dormeo memory mattresses are vacuum packed, which enables easy transportation and excellent hygiene. Do not use sharp objects when opening the package as these may damage the mattress cover.

2. The package must be opened within 30 days of the mattress delivery date.

3. After opening, the mattress cover may be slightly wrinkled. A normal result of the vacuum-packing, this will disappear in a few hours. The mattress will regain its normal shape in 15 minutes and be ready to sleep on after 6 hours.

4. This product is made according to the UK BS EN 597-1 & 2:2015 and BS7177:2008+A1:2011 fire retardant test, but do not smoke in the bed or use flammable materials on the mattress.

5. Our memory foam mattresses should be rotated once a week for the first 4 weeks of use and then once every 4 weeks thereafter. Rotate head to toe and vice versa.

6. The product is intended for use inside the home in temperate environments. We recommend exposing the mattress to fresh air weekly without sheets. In this way a build-up of humidity is prevented. Occurrence of mould is not covered under warranty. Tip: make sure your mattress is not pushed right against the wall.

7. Placing the mattress on steel nets, wide slatted groundings, flat plates or putting the mattress directly on the floor enables the containment of humidity. If you use any of these bases please air your mattress.

Important Information:

1. Materials in the mattress will not change with normal use. The thickness of a mattress can reduce by 5% to 15%. Such a reduction in thickness is considered normal. Reparation and repayment claims caused by such a reduction of thickness will not be granted.

2. Industry standard tolerances apply to mattress dimensions, +/- 10mm in height and +/- 20mm in both width and length. This tolerance is considered normal and does not constitute a defective mattress. Such a variation can occur even after long use of the mattress.

3. A partial increase in mattress softness is not considered as an error but as a consequence of normal use. Therefore such softness increases are not covered within the warranty statement.

4. This product is made according to the UK BS EN 597-1 & 2:2015 and BS7177:2008+A1:2011 fire retardant test, but do not smoke in the bed or use flammable materials on the mattress.

5. The manufacturer does not warrant for mattress changes and errors caused by mattress use not in accordance with the given instructions and warnings defined in the warranty statement. Claims for mattress reparation or mattress replacement caused by such errors and by use not in accordance with instructions will not be granted.

6. In case of product claims, the Seller reserves the right of a professional inspection of the mattress. Please note the defective mattress must be returned to Seller for inspection to determine the proper remedy, if any, under Warranty. All shipping costs to and from Seller are the sole responsibility of the original buyer, regardless of whether a defect is confirmed by the Seller or not.

7. Product claims relating to manufacturing errors (sewing errors, eventual stains and other imperfections), which don’t influence the functioning of the mattress, must be notified to the Seller within 30 days of mattress delivery.

8. All mattresses have a weight limit of 22 stone on each side. Use above this weight limit is not covered by warranty.

9. Our mattresses are suited to standard bed bases and bedsteads. For slatted bases, please ensure the maximum gap is no more than 7.5cm (3 inches), wear and tear on a mattress will be greater the wider the gaps and will invalid the warranty if gaps are more than 7.5cm.

10. If you make a valid claim under the guarantee after 5 years from the date of purchase (for mattresses with our 15 year guarantee) or after 3 years for mattress with our 6 year guarantee, the seller will provide you with an equivalent replacement mattress subject to you paying a percentage of the price of the mattress as follows:

Yearly Warranty Structure

0-5 years: Full guarantee
Year 6: The guarantee is reduced by 10%
Year 7: The guarantee is reduced by 20%
Year 8: The guarantee is reduced by 30%
Year 9: The guarantee is reduced by 40%
Year 10: The guarantee is reduced by 50%
Year 11: The guarantee is reduced by 60%
Year 12: The guarantee is reduced by 70%
Year 13: The guarantee is reduced by 80%
Year 14: The guarantee is reduced by 90%
Year 15: The guarantee is reduced by 95%

Warranty statement:

1. The manufacturer provides a 15 year limited warranty for the core of Dormeo memory foam mattresses, 6 years for supplementary and Orthopaedic mattresses and a 1 year warranty for the mattress cover.

2. The manufacturer guarantees the quality and flawless functioning of the product when in the warranty period. It also guarantees that the product will serve its purpose and ensure maximum comfort, if the given instructions are followed.

3. The manufacturer guarantees that it will repair the product’s eventual imperfections or errors at its cost in the warranty period. In case the vendor cannot repair the errors at the customer’s home, the product will be returned to the manufacturer for repair.

4. In case of factory error on the mattress, we will repair or exchange it and do so in commercially reasonable time.

5. Any claim must always be supplied in writing. When enforcing the warranty, the customer must also present the original proof of purchase.

6. The warranty is valid from the date of product sale.

Warranty is not valid:

1. When problems are caused as a consequence of use not according to the product use and care instructions

2. For any claims for faults covered in the ‘Important information’ section above

3. When problems are a result of misuse, or careless treatment

4. When product failure is due to causes other than defective workmanship or materials

5. For the occurrence of mould as a result of poor airing

6. If, in returning the product, the customer does not make suitable allowances to ensure the product is protected from damage during transit

7. For transportation costs

8. If product is transported outside of UK mainland

9. When the customer cannot supply an original proof of purchase

10. When batch labels are removed

11. When the package is not open within 30 days of delivery

12. If you remove the cover or tamper with the construction of the mattress without prior consent from Dormeo UK, then this will invalidate your warranty on your mattress.

13. When the mattress has been placed on top of another mattress.