Octasmart Essentials Mattress

Feature filled yet comfortably affordable, the Octasmart Essentials Mattress boasts a layer of supportive and breathable Octacell™ Foam, available in a choice of two comfort feels. If you're looking for the benefits of Octaspring Technology but without the price tag, look no further.

  • The affordable choice for comfort and quality
  • Layer of Octacell™ foam evolved from award-winning Octaspring® Technology provides unique support and pressure relief
  • Aerocell® Foam Base creates balanced support for your body throughout the night
  • Signature cover featuring micro air comfort pockets and hypoallergenic properties for a cool and fresh sleep
  • Firmness: Choice of Firmer support or Plusher comfort

Product Overview

A good night’s sleep is essential for your health and well-being. The Octasmart® Essentials mattresses aim to get you suitably well-rested with a simple choice of two feels, no matter what type of sleeper you are.

Choose firmer ‘Aerocell™’ support for a mattress that won’t sink too much and provides a supportive sleep surface for your back, or plush ‘Memory Foam’ comfort if you like the cradling feeling of a mattress adapting to your natural curves. No matter which mattress feel you choose, be assured that both are powered by the latest innovation in sleep.

Evolved from the patented award winning Octaspring® Aerospace technology, Octacell™ is the next generation of sleep innovations. The 3D modular comfort layer at the top of the mattress is symmetrically divided across 10,000 cells to provide instant ergonomic pressure relief for your entire body and superior air circulation to help you sleep cooler, deeper and longer.

The Octacell™ comfort layer is designed to support your body so perfectly, that even if you get out of bed, your partner will not feel it and so get a more restful night's sleep.

The built-in micro air pockets in the Signature cover not only wicks away moisture, but also boosts natural air circulation, allowing you to sleep at just the right temperature. With hypo-allergenic properties, you can rest assured that you are protected from allergens, mould and dust mites for a fresher night’s sleep.

Two comfy feels one comfortable price

With Octasmart® Essentials, we have created two comfortable mattresses both at the same comfortable price.

Firmer Support

The Octasmart® essentials Aerocell® mattress is ideal for those that prefer a firmer feel and a more stable, even surface. The firmer Octacell™ layer in the mattress helps with achieving good back health, and suits front sleepers.

Plush Comfort

The Octasmart® Essentials Memory mattress cradles your body with a softer and more luxurious feel. The plush foam Octacell™ layer made from the highest quality memory foam creates a comforting sleep surface which is soothing and supportive all night long.


The next generation of Sleep innovations

  1. Signature Cover
    Our signature cover features hundreds of micro air comfort pockets that boost natural air circulation for better comfort, cooler and fresher sleep. Naturally hypoallergenic, and contains moisture-wicking properties.
  2. Octacell™ Memory Foam / Aerocell® Layer
    The Octacell™ Aerocell® layer brings unique support, reduces pressure and thanks to the 10,000 air channels helps you get to the right sleep temperature faster. You choose whether you prefer this layer to provide you with a firmer or plusher feel.
  3. Aerocell® Support Base
    The Aerocell® foam base creates balanced support for your body, 3D structure is permanently elastic helping you get a more support through the night.
  4. Airmesh Channels
    Thousands of micro-air channels built into the sides of the cover constantly provides fresh air circulation and extra breathability, expelling hot air and keeping your body cooler and more comfortable.

Safe for you, Smart for the Planet

We use 25% less material in the OctacellTM technology and create no waste. These weight-savings contribute to our ongoing efforts to reduce CO2 for a greener planet. We also care about your health and only use materials, that are safe for your well-being. Our sleep products are all Oeko-Tex certified for your complete peace of mind.


Single: W: 90cm x L: 190cm x D: 17cm
Double: W: 135cm x L: 190cm x D: 17cm
King: W: 150cm x L: 200cm x D: 17cm
Super King: W: 180cm x L: 200cm x D: 17cm


Show BNPLYes
FeaturesMemory Foam, Octaspring Technology
Warranty18 Years
3’0 Single DimensionsL 190cm x W 90cm x H 17cm
4’6 Double DimensionsL 190cm x W 135cm x H 17cm
5’0 King DimensionsL 200cm x W 150cm x H 17cm
6’0 Super King DimensionsL 200cm x W 180cm x H 17cm

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