Dormeo S Plus Memory Foam Mattress

Inspired by the human body and the natural shape of the spine, the Dormeo S Plus Memory Foam Mattress is designed to provide customisable comfort to each side of the mattress via innovative interchangeable cores.

  • Smartly connected cores, personal to each side of the mattress, can be quickly and easily interchanged, for personalised comfort and support
  • Flip your mattress core to choose a softer or firmer side, or rotate the core head to toe for softer or firmer support for your neck and shoulders
  • S-shaped core perfectly contours and supports the natural shape of your body
  • Layer of patented honeycomb shaped Octasprings® move three dimensionally and promote constant airflow
  • Perfect for couples who sleep side by side but have different comfort preferences

Product Overview

Experience cooling comfort and the cradling sensation of memory foam with the Dormeo S Plus mattress. For enhanced breathability, we have combined uniquely patented Octaspring® technology with Ecocell™ foam.

Thanks to the configurable S-shaped Ecocell™ core, you are also able to personalise the design to suit your needs – simply choose from a combination of comfort and support levels for a tailor-made sleeping experience.

No matter what your preferences, or how you sleep, the S Plus mattress can provide both individual sleepers and couples with their own great night’s sleep. Buy a Dormeo mattress today to begin enjoying blissful sleep.

Unique S-Shape Layer

Inspired by the human body and the natural S-shape of the spine, the S-Plus mattress is designed to provide unparalleled sleep comfort thanks to the innovative layer of Octaspring® technology which runs throughout the heart of the mattress.

Complete Customisation

Based on 15 years of collaboration with expert engineers and vast customer research, the Dormeo S Plus Memory Foam Mattress has been designed to be the first 100% personalised mattress, offering over 30 different comfort combinations*. 

1. Choose your Side

The smartly connected cores, personal to each side of the mattress, can be quickly and easily interchanged, making the S Plus mattress a risk-free choice for couples with different sleeping preferences.

2. Choose your Comfort

Unzip the cover and flip your side of the mattress to choose between two unique Ecocell™ foam densities.  You have the option of a softer side, suited for side sleepers, or a firmer side often favoured for those who sleep on their back.

3. Choose your Support

Rotate your mattress head to toe to find your preferred side of the unique S-shaped Octaspring® layer. Choosing to have the Octasprings closer to your neck and shoulders offers more adaptability and bounce. Alternatively, rotate the mattress horizontally to add distance between the Octaspring® layer and your neck and shoulders for firmer support.

Body Zoned Octaspring Technology

The Octaspring® is a next-generation, patented sleep technology, which delivers up to 8 times greater ventilation compared to traditional foam. This means you get a cooler, fresher night’s sleep, while also providing incredible comfort and support.

Whilst the unique Octaspring® technology offers unrivalled breathability, the individual springs within the Dormeo S Plus Memory Foam Mattress are arranged in different firmness levels. This creates customised body support zones that are beneficial to correct spinal alignment for a better night’s sleep.

Next Generation Ecocell™

Our uniquely breathable Ecocell™ foam is what makes the Dormeo difference. The Ecocell™ foam encases the unique Octaspring® tube technology, providing extra support. Ecocell™ is a next-generation foam designed to be permanently elastic with a 3-dimensional cellular structure, providing efficient air circulation and support where you need it.

Anti-bacterial, Anti Dust Mite

A luxurious quick-drying Climate Silver cover tops off the S Plus mattress, keeping moisture at bay for enhanced mattress freshness, whilst the Clean Effect treatment delivers anti-bacterial, anti-dust mite and anti-static protection.



Single: W: 90cm x L: 190cm x D: 20cm

Double: W: 135cm x L: 190cm x D: 20cm

King: W: 150cm x L: 200cm x D: 20cm

Super King: W: 180cm x L: 200cm x D: 20cm

*Single mattress contains one configurable core and therefore offers fewer comfort combinations. 

*Spring colour may vary.


Sleep PositionSide Sleeper, Back Sleeper, Front Sleeper
FirmnessMedium/Soft, Medium, Medium/Firm, Multi
FeaturesMemory Foam, Octaspring Technology, Anti-Allergy, Body Zones, Silver, Dual Core, Ecocell Foam, Handles
Warranty15 Years
3’0 Single DimensionsL 190cm x W 90cm x H 20cm
4’6 Double DimensionsL 190cm x W 135cm x H 20cm
5’0 King DimensionsL 200cm x W 150cm x H 20cm
6’0 Super King DimensionsL 200cm x W 180cm x H 20cm

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Dormeo S Plus Memory Foam Mattress